Who is Lolo?

“I’m not scared of or for anything I create. I made it. I know the ins & outs. And if I made it to succeed then that’s what it'll do in it’s own right and time” 

A quote stated by LoLo after the release of his first EP “Dysthymia”. A collection of tracks that delve into the topics of his battle with depression and anxiety as well as topics surrounding his fathers passing and his battle with suicidal thoughts at an early age. 

Born Jack Battle, LoLo was born and lived in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Eventually moving to New Jersey at the age of 6. As a child LoLo was intuitive and introverted. Learning music at an early age, LoLo began writing raps and poems for fun with his friends and siblings. Honing those skills he learned as a child, at the age of 13 LoLo recorded his first untitled demo CD in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that ultimately was never released publicly. Several years passed before LoLo would enter another recording studio. At the age of 20 while in Dallas, Texas, LoLo recorded several jingles for international companies in hopes of having his works used for large brands. With no notable deals and no substantial income from his music LoLo took several years off from recording music and decided to focus on his career of being a chef and traveling. 

Spending time studying musical theory and doing occasional singing gigs allowed LoLo to develop his voice and his sound. Citing an array of singers being his musical muses, some including Prince, Mariah Carey, Sade, and John Legend. Using his time off from music allowed for more inspirations to develop. These inspirations were ultimately the driving forces for the lyrics to his EP “Dysthymia” that was released July 9th of 2021. Making the music strictly for headphone users LoLo coined the phrase “Headphone Music” to identify his style of music. Mixing eclectic beats with his signature tone and harmonies, LoLo set out to release his creativity to the world and to finally show that he is ready to begin his journey into his passion of music. 

“Taurus”, his debut album, his slated to be released May 6th, just 4 days past his birthday of May 2nd. 

“I want the people who understand the zodiac or use it sometimes as ways to “figure me out” to understand that the Taureans are more than just stubborn or the other stereotypes we hear constantly. We are complex. We are empaths. We are the heart of the zodiac and I hope that by bearing some of my feelings that I can show listeners that Taureans are all of these things and more.” 

-LoLo (2022)